Let's face it when it comes to weddings you can try the dress on, go to cake testings and sample the food of a hundred caterers but picking the DJ is still something you have to take a gamble on.


The wedding industry has changed a lot in the last decade and there are so many options available now to make your day as personal and original as you like. Unfortuntely the DJ side of things hasn't changed all that much. People still think of the cheesy wedding DJ talking over a grease megamix.


It's time for all that to change!!!





Indie Wedding DJ Midlands

We are here to make your wedding party rock and ensure the dancefloor stays packed all night long.  

We love good music and if you're reading this then we assume you do too. We will work with you to create the perfect playlist for your day.  Whereas most DJ's will schedule one meeting with you to make a booking, we're happy to meet up and talk as often as you like. If distance is a problem then we can Skype. I also set up a WhatsApp group. Using this you can just drop me as many requests as you like day or night. So if you're out and hear a song that you definitely want played at your wedding then you can add it to the group message and I end up with a long list of requests without you being put on the spot to think of all your favourite songs when asked. 


So whatever your needs are from indie, soul and rock 'n' roll right up to some chart, pop and hip hop we can mix it all perfectly to make sure your wedding night is talked about for a long time after.


Take a look at the "About us" section to find out more about my experience and residencies or head to the "contact" page to drop us a message about what we can do for you.


Music is a deal breaker

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